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Lineage Metallurgical has been manufacturing in Baytown, TX since 1969. The company was purchased in 2020 by Tungco, Inc, making it a key part of the Tungco Group. Lineage Metallurgical, together with Tungco continue to be a world class leader in Thermal Spray Powders and continue to expand their capabilities. Our total commitment to quality is maintained to the highest standards throughout the entire processing of thermal spray materials.

Lineage Metallurgical is ISO 9001:2020 and AS9100 Certified. “Management Certification of North America (or MCNA) is an ANAB accredited certification body. A complete line of Lineage Metallurgical powders is available for critical needs of the Aerospace Industry and other industrial applications requiring consistent, high quality coatings for wear resistance against abrasion, corrosion, erosion, fretting and oxidation. There are also a number of materials designed for bond coat applications that feature our binderless process. Select the product that best suits your needs.




When I look back over the years I do see some disappointments, some regrets, and certainly some mistakes. Many of the choices I made were dumb and were failures. Even with that said, I do not look back today and feel any disappointment for not trying.

2019 began our 50th year in business. Through the years we have ridden out many waves in the market, as that is what markets tend to do. Sometimes, we were only surviving and at other times, we were thriving. All the while we have maintained our goal of growing the

business and capturing market share. Much of our growth and success has been found by keeping our core focus on tungsten and the recycling of it. Our persistence over the years has led us to our current position in the global tungsten market.

My heart is full of thanks and gratitude to my team, both present and past, and to customers and suppliers we have worked with over the last half century. I am excited and look forward to what the future holds.

Lead Sales
<span> LANDON</span> HENDRICKS
Lead Sales

In 2020, Landon Hendricks joined the Lineage team as General Manager and began to work toward increasing our production capabilities to what it is today. He is now solely focused on developing strong relationships with our customers and discovering new ways to meet the many challenges of this industry. For a current price quote, please contact Landon Hendricks today.